All Is Well | Act 5.1

Marseilles. A street.

[Enter HELENA, Widow, and
DIANA, with two Attendants]

Gentleman    What’s your will?

HELENA    That it will please you
To give this poor petition to the king,
And aid me with that store of power you have
To come into his presence.

Gentleman    The king’s not here.

HELENA    Not here, sir!

Gentleman    Not, indeed:
He hence removed last night and with more haste
Than is his use.

Widow    Lord, how we lose our pains!

Though time seem so adverse and means unfit.
I do beseech you, whither is he gone?

Gentleman    Marry, as I take it, to Rousillon;
Whither I am going.

HELENA    I do beseech you, sir,
Since you are like to see the king before me,
Commend the paper to his gracious hand,
Which I presume shall render you no blame
But rather make you thank your pains for it.
I will come after you with what good speed
Our means will make us means.

Gentleman    This I’ll do for you.

HELENA    And you shall find yourself to be well thank’d,
Whate’er falls more. We must to horse again.
Go, go, provide.


[Exeunt] Act 4.5 | Act 5.2

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