Moonpub NET

The old is now no longer used. If ever you went there you may perhaps remember it’s opening page above. That same URL will now direct you to these pages. Most pages here will be in the dutch language but I will keep these opening pages and (the Moonpub Music Song Archive) in english . So go there if no interest in these dutch language pages and just wanna hear some music. Or click the Popout Player to hear some already. Or watch some videos (see menu).

Not so important rightaway but may come in handy now and then perhaps: there is now also a translate option, just in case you wanna check something in your own language, or decided that you want to pick up learning another language. Give it a try, this tranlslate option, it’s fun…

These pages are only meant to direct you to the other project pages elsewhere, and doesn’t have content itself except from some announcements concerning the other projects. So use the menubar at the top to go to any of these projects of your interest.

Thanks for visiting! – Johnny