Project to see if I can turn Orlando Patterson’s
Children of Sisyphus into a filmscript and
with help of AI adding some music
to it also (all
music demo’s only, meant to give idea what it
could be such a music movie) Gonna take long
time before finished,
working on it only now
and then.


Rastafarianism and revivalism – two fragile straws of hope to the Dungle-dwellers, trapped in the sad and sordid existence of the slums of Kingston.¬†From this violent sub-world of poverty crime and religious extremism a woman is determined to escape. Back in the snahty Brother Solomon nutures dreams of returning to Africa. Whilst out in the city await th beguiling arms of the “saintly” heperd John.¬†Fist published in 1964 this famous novel is one of the first serious portrayals of the Rastafarian community.