03: Walk Good Rachel


Rachel bathing and washing herself in the darkness of the evening.
She picks up her things and walks back to the huts, cabins and
houses not far away where she lives.


We see her passing the shop of Brother Solomon where lights and
lamps are burning and entering her own place.


Noises in the darkness, a lamp is being lightend and we see her room,
an open travelling box is put on the bed. Rachel changes into a better
dress and puts the other in the box. Then suddenly the canvas door
is opened and a shadow looms in the doorway.

Is where you goin, Rachel girl?

Same place me always go when me
leave here, don’t ask me nonsense

Rachael looks at the box, even picks up some things from the box.

See here me God. Woman, you dont think you
jus’ a little too stinkin’ fast leaving
your man? Who you goin’ to live with?

A man with a good steady job who love me body
because it still young and have flesh on it,
he want me to come an live with him.

There is a pause and the old woman looking at Rachel in disbelief.
Then Dinah starts to laugh.

It mean me dream come true. All me ambition.
Live in a room with good solid walls around me
and a floor under me feet and a cieling over
me head. Like what you see in the advertisments.

The woman laughs even more.

Listen Rachel, I not tryin’to discourage you but you
think I didnt try that too? Two, times, three times
and always I did have to come back. When massah
God put you in a place that is where you goin’ to stay, girl.

Just mind your own business and
leave me out, I didnt ask for your advice,
I strikin’well know what I am doin

All right Rachel girl, live and learn, live and learn.
I suppose it is a good feeling to try, anyway.
I wont discourage you. But Cyrus was good
man to you, girl

Good! Compared to the others in the place here him
is good but no civilized man outside this stinkin’
place would make their woman go out at night
into the street to support them.
Good? Ah, why don’t you move off?

Rachel picks up the box and makes for the canvas door. There she
turns around and glances at the old woman who stands calmly
looking at her with a mysterious smile on her face.

I gone now, Dinah

Rachel walks away, leaving the old woman Dinah in the hut.

(softly whispering to herself)
Walk good! Dont let the cards fool you.

Music starts showing Rachel in her best
dress walking away from shanty town.