What’s In A Song? – Volume 3 on Spotify

Lyrics: Shirley E. Matthews (US)
Music & Tracks: Johnny Hoeve (NL)

This song was done with the map of the USA at hand. Needed to find out what route the singer would take leaving California riding around a bit and making (unanswered) phone calls to home and then finally decides to go back to California again.

Got impression that could be a trip of a few days: California, Oklahoma and Colorado. These places also sounded nice in the song ofcourse but I needed to be sure if that route could also be done in real life by car.

Ofcourse it’s all about problems with the relation why the singer leaves California (it needs a change) but finally decides to return home again. Only to find the phone is now blocked for all his calls at the end of the song. It’s not always happy endings in songs ofcourse…

Baby I’m in California and I’m feeling fine
But I thought to let you know some
and what is one my mind

Seems so strange, can’t explain
Why we needed change
Seems so strange

Baby I’m in Oklahoma and all goes swell
Hope it’s not too complicated
with you as well

Tried to reach you but no reply
your phone keeps saying to me
a strange goodbye

Oh How I wanted to stay around
but it needed break to calm us down
believe me
How I wanted to stay around

Baby I’m in Colorado on my way back home
Let me hear your sweet voice talking
turn on your phone

Seems so strange…