7: Kurt Cobain, Prince & Bob Marley

We now must turn our attention to Kurt
Cobain, because he might need some help
with his afterlife. Ever since he came to
the island of superstar zombies, at the
age of 27 also, he’s been locking himself
in a cabin near the beach refusing to come
out, or talk to anyone else.

Also the artist formerly known as Prince
felt sorry for Kurt and so Prince finally
decided to pick up his old mission again,
going from door to door as a Jehova Witness.
Perhaps he could convince Kurt to leave his
depressions behind and start enjoying his
afterlife stay. Seems he also asked Bob
Marley to join him, visiting Kurt.
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8: Sinatra, Dean Martin & Sammy Davis

We’re in the apartment of Frank Sinatra,
Dean Martin
and Sammy Davis Junior,
better known long time ago
as the Rat
Pack. Seems they still, in their afterlife,

Sammy is busy in the kitchen while Dean
and Frank
are having a conversation in
the living room. Frank
is writing a letter it
seems, and Dean ofcourse wants
to know
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9. George Martin Recording A. Einstein

We’re in the recording studio that was set up by
Superstar Zombies island manager Brian Epstein
to do voice recordings for the internet. It is run
by George Martin who has the once great blues
singer and guitarplayer Robert Johnson as his
sound engineer and assistant. Today seems to
be a very special recording session, as the audio
scene below will tell you…

GEORGE: Robert, Who is on the agenda today to do a
Aesopus Fable voice performance?
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