1: Hendrix, Morrison & Marilyn

We’re visiting a very special island, the
Island of
Superstar Zombies. It is where
our most famous
entertainment superstar
spend their time, no
longer alive, and
waiting for the day when they
finally will
be completely forgotten, and can
their eternal rest in peace.

Hey look! There’s Jimi Hendrix coming our way…

JH: (singing and walkin cool)
Purple haze is in my brain [Read more…]

2: Bowie, Mercury & Amy Winehouse

David Bowie and Freddie Mercury are expecting
the arrival – by boat – of Amy Winehouse

BOWIE: Ah look there she is now.
Poor girl, another one’s life cut short

FREDDIE: Fucking music business.
It’s a killer queen
[Read more…]

3: Elvis Presley & John Lennon

Elvis Presley and John Lennon are
at the golf course playing golf

PRESLEY: Lennon, you dont have a talent for
playing golf, I can see that – boy. Let me show
you how it is done. First, keep you’re eye on the
price, that hole over there. Focus on it like a dog
would do
for it’s bone. Then, concentration boy.
It’s all about concentration, for your body to get ready.
And when you feel it’s ready from top to toes, then hit it!
With full confidence! The stick will do the
rest [Read more…]