The Black Swan (1942)

The Black Swan | English Full Movie | Adventure DramaWatch this video on YouTube An ex-pirate contends with rowdy buccaneers and a love/hate relationship with an aristocratic woman who’s tougher than she seems.

The Sicilian (1987)

Christopher Lambert Action Movie Online | Sicilian Sniper } Powerful Action Films HD | Full EnglishWatch this video on YouTube Egocentric bandit Salvatore Giuliano fights the Church, the Mafia, and the landed gentry while leading a populist movement for Sicilian
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Scarlet Street

Scarlet Street | COLORIZED | Edward G. Robinson | Film Noir | DramaWatch this video on YouTube A man in mid-life crisis befriends a young woman, though her fiancé persuades her to con him out of the fortune they mistakenly
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Dr. Syn, Alias the Scarecrow (1963) In eighteenth century England, the mysterious masked rider known as the Scarecrow (Patrick McGoohan) leads a rebel band to save the town of Romney Marsh from King George III’s (Eric Pohlmann’s) oppression and Naval press gangs.

The Dresser (2015)

The Dresser | English Full Movie | DramaWatch this video on YouTube A drama, based on a successful play, about an aging actor (Sir Anthony Hopkins) and his personal assistant (Sir Ian McKellen).